Kawasaki Robotics on the Automatica Fair 2014

March 06, 2014

MS005N Kawasaki Robotics Germany continues the market launch of the new medical- and Pharmaceutical robots of the MC / MS Series.

New: robots for medical- and pharmaceutical engineering

Palletizing and RobInspect as additional applications on the fair!

Clean room robtics at its best:

MC004N / MS005N

Medicine and pharmaceutical engineering are the fields of application of these robots. From handling samples to making up individual drugs, they are the perfect tools for automation.
Compact arm
The extremely compact arm design is simply ideal for application in cramped locations, as is frequently the case in applications in medicine and pharmaceutical engineering.
Clean-room quality
Protection class IP67 (Base MC004N: IP65) combined with ISO Class 5 make these robots ideal working equipment in clean room environment.
Here Kawasaki MS005N is made completely of stainless steel and VHP (gaseous H202) resistant.
Hollow wrist
No troublesome cables no matter at which point! The 6-axled integration and the user media fully installed in the arm make adaption of completely enclosed gripper tools possible.
Maximum flexibility
MS005N is designed as a 7-axled robot, so that any constraining contours encountered can be best circumvented. Complex motion-sequences and loading or unloading processes - even “around corners” - do not present any problems to this stainless-steel robot.

Some data in an overview:

Model MC004N MS005N
axis 6 7
max. reach [mm] 505 600
max. payload [kg] 4 5
repeatability [mm] +- 0,05 +- 0,1

- the advanced vision measurement system -supplied by

Optical measurement is an indispensable part in many industrial sectors. Through minikomps development, the measurement system RobInspect ® contactless measurement receives completely new possibilities.

Single cell or fully integrated inline measurement in an existing production line, RobInspect ® is the advanced tool for high performance and excellent measurement results.

Also special shape, size, material or surface of measured workpieces don’t affect RobInspect’s reliably and accurately results.

Visit us on Automatica 2014 – hall B4 stand 318

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