• Technical Support

    Technical Support

    The Kawasaki Robotics Team supports you in all questions about your robot application. We offer support for:
    1. Selection of Robot model and integration into application
    2. Selection and integration of robot options
    3. Simulation
    4. Programming (at customer side / offline)
    5. Data interface / interface to vision and other systems
    6. Bus systems
    7. Optimization of process
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  • Service


    Prevent unexpected downtime by appliying preventive maintenance.

    The 4 Kawasaki Service Pillar provide high availablity of your Production and protect your revenue. Your own specialist take care of the Production process. Our engineers take care of the robot.
    We are ready, whenever you need us. Please contact us.

    Pillar 1: Preventive Maintenance

    Beside the standard maintenance items like grease exchange, Funktion check,Filter exchange, cleaning and Battery exchange we do the following items:
    1. Check the Grease Quality in order to identify abnormal worn out of the mechancial parts.
    2. Meassure the brake voltage at the time of suck and release to identify the brake pad condition.
    After each maintenance our engineer provide a detail report.

    Pillar 2: On Site Service

    In case of an unexpected error our qualified Service engineer will guide you in order to keep the down time as small as possible.
    AS an option we provide this service 24Hours/365Days per Year. Please contact us for details.
    After exact deep analysis of the error we will dispatch our engineer with all related part to your site in order to restart the system.

    Pillar 3: Spare Parts delivery

    Our Parts member guide you to select the correct spare part for your system.
    They will dispatch the related part on the same day if it is possible.
    We are ready for you Monday to Thursday 8am to 5 pm and Friday 8am to 3pm.
    As an option we provide the spare parts support during the weekend as well.
    Please contact us for details.

    Pillar 4: CS24 Hotline

    If needed our engineers are availabel 24Hours/365 Days by telephone.
    They guide you in case if spare parts questions and also for technical questions.
    Please register on the following page to receive the Service Phone number.

    We are please to create a specific Service Solution which fit to your requierments including all the above items.

    Please contact us 02131 3426-0 or service@kawasakirobot.de


  • contact
  • To receive the CS24 Hotline number, please contact us

    02131 3426-0
    (Mon. – Fri. 9:00 - 17:00 CET)

    or service@kawasakirobot.de

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