Robotic Sealing / Dispensing


Robots are becoming a new standard for dispensing applications due to their ability to follow an accurate path and apply a uniform coat of liquid material. Robots work with material pumps, regulators, and dispensing guns to apply a material such as sealant, adhesive, or washing solution to a stationary or moving part. Kawasaki has significant experience in dispensing applications, particularly in demanding automotive environments.

Kawasaki has developed a dispensing system to meet the quality and process demands of today's market. The robot software monitors the flow of material through the system to ensure the correct amount of material is being dispensed. The Kawasaki dispensing robot software interfaces with major brands of dispensing equipment including dispensing guns, material pumps, and fluid regulator controllers. The dispensing software includes soft interface screens to allow the user to easily interact and monitor the dispensing parameters. The Kawasaki robot controller allows for simple, online path shifts which significantly reduces commissioning time and effort.

Dispensing equipment paired with Kawasaki's robot and software can help you reach the accuracy and flexibility required by your application.

Kawasaki Sealing and Dispensing Robot Applications


Click on a series below to learn more.

  • Kawasaki RS10N

    R Series

    Payload :3-80 kg
    Axes :6

    12 Models

    R Series
  • Kawasaki CX210L

    CX Series

    Payload :110-210 kg
    Axes :6

    3 Models

    CX Series
  • Kawasaki ZXE300S

    Z Series

    Payload :100-300 kg
    Axes :6

    9 Models

    Z Series
  • Kawasaki Scara


    Payload :2 kg each arm

    1 Model

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