Wichita State Engineering Lab Gets a Rare Robot

March 05, 2013

Wichita State Engineering Lab Gets a Rare Robot Wichita State University is now home to a second-of-its-kind Kawasaki robotics system.

It’s a Kawasaki refill fastening system, and the only other one in the world is in Japan.

It will be used by WSU’s Advanced Joining and Processing Lab ― which is located at the National Center for Aviation Training on North Webb Road ― to enhance research into aerostructures work.

The system fastens metals together with no head, hole or indention to the aircraft skin, a process that’s hoped to reduce weight and increase strength and performance capabilities. It could also lead to lower operational costs for airframers because it eliminates the need for rivets.

The WSU lab is working in conjunction with Kawasaki Heavy Industries to implement the technology into aerostructural manufacturing.

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