Kawasaki offers application-specific peripherals that can be directly integrated into a Kawasaki robot system. This peripheral equipment holds the same quality and reliability standards as the Kawasaki robots themselves.


Kawasaki has developed servo controlled part positioning products that can be readily incorporated into a Kawasaki painting system. Six part positioning products that vary in motion as well as work piece capacity are available. Each of these products is driven by servo motors that are controlled as external axes by the robot controller. The Kawasaki paint servo peripherals listed below are all intrinsically safe and pressurized, suitable for a paint booth.
  • Servo Shuttle
  • Servo Turntable
  • Servo Spinner
  • Servo Twister
  • Servo Tombow
  • Servo Wing


The Kawasaki Robotic Torch Changer (KRTC) is designed to be used in welding applications which use the Binzel WH Series arc welding torches and require the torch neck to be changed during normal system operation. Torch changes are common in automated arc welding for both process changes and routine maintenance. The KRTC allows for torch changes to be implemented into the automated process, minimizing or eliminating robot stoppage due to manual operator intervention.
The KRTC is offered in three configurations: Basic, Automated Ethernet IP, and Automated DeviceNet. The KRTC system is comprised of two main assemblies, the Torch Device Assembly attached to the robot for automated torch neck change, and the Torch Changer Assembly with four nests to accept the torch necks. The KRTC is designed for the Stand Assembly to be mounted inline with safety fencing so that the system can automatically rotate and safely present the torch nests to a manual operator for maintenance.


Kawasaki can supply grippers for handling 300 mm and 450 mm wafers, organic electroluminescent panels, and other semiconductor or electronics materials. In addition, Kawasaki can assemble user-designed grippers to be equipped with the robot.
Aligner NS004
Kawasaki offers a programmable, high-speed aligner peripheral for wafer handling. The aligner is designed for use with 300 mm and next-gen 450 mm wafers.
  • High-speed alignment, only 2.5 seconds
  • Optional automatic switchover function between 200 mm and 300 mm
  • Programmable to set angle of alignment
  • Quartz wafer alignment also available
  • Clean robot controller used to control the aligner
  • Delivers an alignment accuracy of ± 0.1 degrees at full speed
  • Optional lift pin setup is available for on-center pickup
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