Dec. 18 - 21, 2019

The 2019 International Robot Exhibition (iREX2019) will be held from December 18 to 21 at Tokyo Big Sight, featuring “The way towards a friendlier society, bridged by robots”. Kawasaki is going to showcase a wide variety of automation and collaborative solutions between humans and robots under a theme of “Simple and friendly.”

Please come and visit us at Aomi Hall B-30 to witness our state-of-the-art technologies that we have acquired through experience over half a century. You can be sure that Kawasaki is now evolving to a fully-integrated robot manufacturer.

■Exhibition details■

Show Hours: 10:00 - 17:00, Wednesday December 18th – Saturday December 21st
Admission: Free admission to those who have preregistered or who hold invitations, or under 16 years of age. (JPY 1,000 yen except above.)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Aomi Hall, West Halls, and South Halls
Kawasaki Booth Location: Aomi Hall B-30

* Please register to iREX in advance. ⇒ iREX registration

■Exhibits at Kawasaki Booth■

Automated Solutions Zone - A series of factory logistics by robots

This zone showcases a model case of factory logistic systems and automated solutions of logistic depots. Please explore robotic automation of wide processes at a model factory and imagine possibilities of applying to your own site.

[Main exhibits]

● Large-payload B series robot B series

● Small-to-medium-payload R series robot R series

● Painting K series robot K series

Experience Zone - New collaborative solutions between humans and robots

As roles expected to robots in society are expanded, ways of human-robot collaboration are being diversified.

At this zone, visitors can operate robots and experience both "co-existence" and "remote co-operation" that Kawasaki proposes for collaboration ways between human and robot.

[Main exhibits]

● Successor, the remote cooperation robot system

duAro, collaborative dual arm SCARA robot

● New OLP technology realizing teaching/programming-less of robots

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“Kaleido” Zone - Ever evolving humanoid robot

Kaleido made a sensational debut at iREX2017 where it performed chin-ups and standing up from falling down. In this year, visitors can see its evolution and feel that humanoid robots will play a significant role in our everyday life in very near future.

[Main exhibits]

・Kaleido, the humanoid robot

- Disaster recovery performance

- Built-in battery configuration

- Hydraulic-driven mechanism

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West/South Halls ⇔ Aomi Exhibition Halls■

*Kawasaki Booth is in Aomi Exhibition Halls.

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