Participation in Kawasaki Robot K-AddOn

By participating in K-AddOn, you can benefit from:

 ・Introduction of equipment and robots on both websites
 ・Showing application examples in combination with Kawasaki robots
 ・Implementation of external presentations

 ・Sharing sales leads
 ・Mutual cooperation in sales activities

 ・Disclosure of robot I/F information
 ・Response to inquiries

*Kawasaki will respond and support equipment manufacturers.
There are no restrictions on product sales and distribution.

We are collaborating with equipment manufacturers so that many end users can adopt robots with ease.
Products that are used with Kawasaki robots are introduced as K-AddOn products on the our website.
You can strengthen sales promotion in cooperation with Kawasaki.
In addition, Kawasaki supports your product development to be used with Kawasaki robots.

By participating in K-AddOn, we hope to provide many robot users with "Easy to Use" together with Kawasaki.

●To become a K-AddOn partner

Confirmation of public I/F information for Kawasaki robots

Application for a K-AddOn Partner and Temporary Registration

Kawasaki provides materials and information necessary for connecting to robots free of charge.

Detailed examination and testing of the connection by the equipment manufacturer

Connection evaluation at Kawasaki

Authentication as K-AddOn Partner

Published on Kawasaki's website

●Kawasaki Robot I/F Information

RS series
E controllers
F60 controller
(F61 controller)

●Apply for a K-AddOn Partner here

Please fill in the following details in the “Questions and Answers” section.
●Product names and applications that you want to add to K-AddOn
●Applicable Kawasaki robot model
●Cooperation for sales
●Other requests and questions