Robotic Cleanroom


The demand for cleanroom automation solutions is increasing at a rapid rate with the growth of both the medical and consumer electronics industries. The microchips that control consumer devices are all cut from a delicate silicon wafer that is handled by specially designed robots in a cleanroom environment. Robots used in certain medical and pharmaceutical applications require conformance to cleanroom standards while achieving great speed and repeatability. Kawasaki offers technology to solve today's challenges in cleanroom applications.

Kawasaki offers a wide variety of robots and equipment suitable for ISO Class 1, 2, and 5 cleanroom classification. These cleanroom robots boast industry leading speed, repeatability, and reliability which are crucial elements in industries focused around increasing demand. The robot arms developed for cleanroom applications are designed with ease of use in mind, including through-arm cable and tube technology, standard interfacing with peripheral equipment, and a full automatic wafer handling teaching option for the semiconductor series.

Kawasaki can help you reach your cleanroom automation goals with high speed, accurate, and reliable technology.

Cleanroom Robot Applications


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