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Kawasaki Robotics offers training courses with an excellent balance between classroom instruction, demonstration, and hands-on lab work. The courses are designed to ensure that all material is presented clearly and in a logical sequence. By maintaining a low student to instructor ratio, students are able to receive personalized training that meets their unique needs. With numerous robots and robot training cells, our training courses provide an extensive hands-on experience. See the training path we recommend students follow to gain the most out of their Kawasaki robotic education.

Regularly scheduled classes are offered at the Kawasaki Robotics North American Training Center located in Wixom, Michigan – see our training calendar. On-demand classes can be scheduled at Kawasaki’s facilities in Wixom, Michigan, and Louisville, Kentucky, as well as our clients’ site; call for details.

See Course Information section for our four most popular classes as well as all other course options.

See Policies for class start times, Driving Directions for how to get to the Training Center, and Hotels for a list of area hotels with map.

Kawasaki Robotics training courses


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