Reliable Customer Support of Kawasaki Robotics

    Technical Support

    The Kawasaki Robotics team will be happy to assist you with any questions you may have about your robot application. We offer you support with:

    • Technical assistance
    • Robot selection and integration into the application
    • Commissioning of robot options
    • Simulations
    • Programming (on-site / offline)
    • Data interfaces / connection of camera and other systems
    • Binary Unit Systems (BUS)
    • Process optimization

    Please contact us by calling to +49 (0) 2131-3426-1310 or emailing us at

After-Sales Service and Maintenance

To ensure the maximum availability of your robots and systems, our experts are available around the clock - via our service hotline and of course on site.

Our customers benefit from our international network, cross-sector expertise and excellent service.

We help with fast error analysis and predictive maintenance to avoid downtime.
Besides visual and functional checks, we check and clean grease and battery as well. For example, our service team conducts grease test for metal particles and monitors the braking force of servomotors if necessary.

In the event of malfunction, our service technicians offer a quick analysis in order to keep downtime as predictable and as low as possible, in addition to fast and competent selection of the right spare parts.
After each maintenance, a detailed protocol is created.

[CS24 – Your Contact Window Available for 24/7]

Kawasaki Robotics offers numerous options for comprehensive service support - with or without a maintenance contract:

• Tailor-made service for every customer with a guaranteed access to our trained service technicians at any time
• 24/7 support by telephone
• On-site support
• Spare parts service

To access to our 24/7 hotline, please contact us by calling to +49 (0) 2131-3426-1300 or emailing us at

Orders and Deliveries

To order spare parts or ask about deliveries, rental robots etc., please contact us by calling +49 (0) 2131 - 3426 – 1370 or emailing us at

Public Relations

For inquiries about trade fairs, press releases, and any promotional contents, please contact us by calling +49 (0) 2131 - 3426 – 245 or emailing us at


Lifecycle Support Solution

TREND Manager – Ensuring Maximum Predictability

The unique TREND Manager of Kawasaki automatically and continuously analyses all status data of each robot. Our diagnostic tool can predict inspections, signs of wear and problems at an early stage.

The advantages of the TREND Manager at a glance include:

• Maximum availability of robots and systems
• Agile maintenance support
• Clear visualization
• Local real-time recording of numerous parameters
• Improvement of the service life through load tests and program optimization
• Automatic motor current monitoring

Remote and Augmented Support

See our Augmented Support in action:

Augmented Support on Youtube

If you are interested in our service products please contact us by calling to +49 (0) 2131-3426-1300 or emailing us at

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