Integrated Robotic Systems

The Kawasaki Robotics Systems Group provides flexible, cost-effective, integrated robotic automation solutions to meet each customer’s unique and exacting requirements. This dedicated team of manufacturing and automation professionals listens to customers’ needs and manufacturing challenges, helps probe for current state and desired state quantitative data, and then uses a proven methodology to collaboratively develop a best fit automation solution - with you the customer involved at every step in the process. Once developed, concepts are validated using simulation tools for reach and cycle time analysis along with pre-defined justification criteria metrics for safety, quality and financial improvement assurance - bottom line, positive results with no surprises.

Types of solutions include:

  1. Single Automation Work Cells – islands of automation
  2. Fully integrated Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) - with multiple process work cells and integrated product transfer
  3. Mini-Cells - built from a collection of pre-engineered sub-component hardware and application software modules that include, but are not limited to, robot and product positioning devices, electrical interfaces, arm dressing packages, arc welding packages

Custom engineering services include:

  1. Application and process development
  2. Engineering studies
  3. PLC and robot programming services for new or existing equipment

Application expertise includes:

  1. Material Joining – arc welding and resistance welding with special emphasis on adaptive and heavy deposition welding
  2. Thermal Surface Modification – hard surfacing, laser cladding
  3. Material Removal
    1. Thermal processes - plasma, laser
    2. Mechanical processes - cutting, grinding using adaptive techniques
  4. Specialty Material Handling & Assembly Systems – including non-conventional palletizing/packaging solutions, heavy/large part feed and handling
  5. Machine Tool Load / Unload systems – including product in-feed and accumulation conveying, post machine inspection
  6. Metrology and Inspection – in process inspection of incoming products, "shop floor" inspection for quality assurance
Integrated robotic systems can be full turnkey – inclusive of product specific tooling and process programming. Kawasaki has well established relationships with many proven Technical Support Partners who share the same customer centric focus and culture.

We have more than 25 years of successful experience developing and implementing integrated robotic systems for a wide range of applications across diverse industries and clients, from companies who are leveraging automation for the first time to companies who helped define the word "automation". This has enabled us to develop proven methodologies and processes built on the pillars of quality, reliability, efficiency, and flexibility.


No matter how big or small your automation project, Kawasaki Robotics can help!

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  • CNC unload into part rack
    CNC unload into part rack
  • Dual skyhook arc welding
    Dual skyhook arc welding
  • Frame rail spot welding and plasma cutting
    Frame rail spot welding and plasma cutting
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