Preferred Integrators

Kawasaki Robotics Preferred Integrators are all independent businesses engaged in designing and building robotic systems within their chosen field of expertise. These quality companies are recognized by Kawasaki Robotics as capable of providing an automated system with the quality, performance and durability expected of the Kawasaki Robot. When contacting any of our System Partners please quote 'KAWASAKI ROBOT WEBSITE'
  • Adelphi Automation

    Adelphi Automation

    Meeting Business Needs: - Adelphi Automation is a dynamic and established company with over 30 years experience in the field of advanced industrial automation.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1625 560239

  • Altec Engineering Ltd

    Altec Engineering Ltd

    Founded in 1978 and based in the North East of England, Altec Engineering Limited provides mechanical and electrical engineering support and CNC precision machining services to a broad range of markets and industries throughout the United Kingdom.

    Telephone: +44 (0)191 3770 555

  • Applied Automation

    Applied Automation

    With a wealth of experience in providing innovative automated solutions to industry, we specialise in the design and build of bespoke automation equipment and a wide range of industrial control systems.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1752 349920

  • Bauromat – Robotics & Automation Systems Integrator

    Bauromat – Robotics & Automation Systems Integrator

    Bauromat are a leading robotic & automation systems integrator. Providing complete turnkey systems for applications such as bonding, material handling, machining and welding, Based in Telford, UK.

    Telephone: +44(0)1952 951689

  • Evershed Robotics LTD Telford

    Evershed Robotics LTD Telford

    General System Partner with experience and capabilities in all applications and industries

    Telephone: 01952 608020

  • Forest Press Hydraulics Ltd

    Forest Press Hydraulics Ltd

    Experts in supply, support and re-conditioning of three & single mould slab presses, kerb presses and all wet mix presses.

    Telephone: 01594 826009



    Manufacture of robotic system for handling and palletising Quarry Aggregates, Powders, Grain, Vegetables, Root Crops Boxes, Trays and Building Stone.

    Telephone: 01302 831911

  • KTM SYSTEMS Limited

    KTM SYSTEMS Limited

    KTM SYSTEMS limited supply robot systems and industrial automation providing design, integration, programming, commissioning and project management services within the manufacturing, food, pharmaceutical and aerospace industries.

    Telephone: 0844 870 4304

  • LAC Conveyors & Automation

    LAC Conveyors & Automation

    The company has four distinct divisions serving the following industries: Manufacturing, Logistics, Food & Beverage and Robotics. The latter provides bespoke machinery and robotics into the core three divisions.

    Telephone: 0115 975 3300

  • Morris Borthers

    Morris Borthers

    Supplier of Concrete Presses, Handling Systems and Associated Products: - Morris Brothers continues to be a leader in this specialist field, supporting everything from new press projects to special tooling requirements and everyday consumables.

    Telephone: +44 (0)1782 834242

  • Premier Automation

    Premier Automation

    Premier Automation are Specialists in Control Systems and Robot Systems.

    Telephone: 01234 266922



    With over 35 years of experience in supplying machinery for the industrial food processing & packaging industry throughout the United Kingdom & Ireland.

    Telephone: 01634 272 345

  • VA Technology LTD Telford

    VA Technology LTD Telford

    Specialist in foundry automation for the investment casting industry including Shell Handling, Grinding and Metal Pouring

    Telephone: 01952 585252

  • VisDA


    We are a leading provider of efficiency improvement solutions for the food and beverage, plastics and pharmaceutical industries.

    Telephone: 0117 9616100

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