Dual-Arm SCARA Robot

Payload of 2 & 3 kg Each Arm (Total 4 & 6 kg)


The Dual-Arm SCARA Robot "duAro" by Kawasaki Robotics:
A new offering that realizes the concept of an innovative dual-arm SCARA robot which can safely collaborate with humans in work operations.

Typical Applications:

Dual-Arm SCARA Robot

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  • Kawasaki duAro1


    Payload:2 kg / arm
    Axes:4 axes / arm
    Repeatability:±0.05 mm

  • Kawasaki duAro2


    Payload:3 kg / arm
    Axes:4 axes / arm
    Repeatability:±0.05 mm

  • Features :

    Kawasaki duArofood With its two co-axial arms, duAro can fit into a singleperson space, and provides a wide collaborative working range.
    Easy Teaching
    Kawasaki duArofood Direct teaching with dedicated tablet software enables non-skilled operators to teach and operate the robot intuitively.
    Easy Introduction
    Kawasaki duArofood The wheeled base that accommodates the arms and controller enables the user to move the robot to any location.
    Kawasaki duArofood In the event of a collision with the worker, the collision detection function will stop the duAro safely. In addition, the soft materials on the arm surfaces also reduce shocks.

    This function can reduce damage in case of an accident, but will not prevent accidents from occurring. Users are required to carry out safety risk management before use.


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