e-news No.63

September 30, 2019

The Robot Business Division of Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. participates in various initiatives, both by the public and private sectors, that promote realizing society where humans and robots coexist. This issue of e-News introduces Kawasaki’s activities in the education field aiming to nurture future talent for robotics engineering.

Collaboration event with “Tokyo Robot Collection”

      Kawasaki held hands-on classes of robot operation for children at “Takeshiba Summer Festival” from August 21st to 23th. This festival was held in collaboration with Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s demonstration project named “Tokyo Robot Collection”, a project to promote examples that robots can coexist with humans in society.  
     Along with various types of robots such as a cooking robot and a communication robot at the festival, Kawasaki showcased its small payload robot “RS003N” for the hands-on classes. 20 children participated in total. They learned the structures of industrial robots and eagerly operate the robot which they seldom see in everyday life.

What is "Tokyo Robot Collection"?
It is a project conducted by Tokyo Metropolitan Government to demonstrate robots coexisting with humans in society and to develop a new model for addressing solutions to Tokyo’s social issues. It also aims to make 2020 Tokyo Olympics the most innovative in history.
For more details, please visit the official website at: Tokyo Robot Collection


Summer vacation event held at Kawasaki Robostage

     Kawasaki Robostage, Kawasaki’s public showroom in Daiba, Tokyo, conducted robot programming workshops for elementary school students during their summer vacation in July and August. The workshop was titled ”Let’s become a Kawasaki Robot Engineer!”, and it attracted 123 children in total of 14 days.
     In Japan, a programming class is going to be mandatory for elementary school curriculum in 2020 as IT literacy and programming skills are becoming more and more important. Due to these trends, Kawasaki’s programming workshops drew many parents’ attention. The children learned the types and motion mechanisms of industrial robots and experienced operations of Kawasaki’s collaborative dual-arm SCARA robot, the duAro.
     Kawasaki Robostage exhibits robots that visitors can take a close look at, touch, and experience. There are more fun events coming up, so please visit and explore the rare encounter with industrial robots. For the latest information, please click the following website.

>> Kawasaki Robostage Website