Semiconductor Robotic Automation

Precise, Scalable Robotics for a Rapidly Changing Industry

In the space of a generation, the semiconductor industry has evolved from a niche specialty to a fundamental driver of the global economy. Falling production costs, rapidly improving fabrication techniques and expanding markets all drive new opportunities for nimble manufacturers. At the same time, disruptive shifts in technology consumptions create challenges that demand forceful, cost-conscious responses. Today’s semiconductor wafer fabrication plants - or semiconductor fabs - require extensive automation and hands-off manufacturing capabilities from their equipment suppliers. Kawasaki’s high-performance specialized handling robots play an integral role in the automated manufacture of raw silicon wafers into integrated circuits and through extensive customer collaboration, we have become the leading supplier of integrated atmospheric robotics.

the semiconductor robotic industry

Outflank the Competition with Versatile, Adaptable Automation

Kawasaki Robotics’ industry-leading suite of compact, accurate, high-speed semiconductor robots enable manufacturers to automate silicon wafer transfer and logistics throughout the integrated circuit manufacturing process and meet today’s demanding throughput requirements. Our cleanroom ISO Class 1 robots can handle 300 mm and 450 mm wafers through the production space without damage or disruption, moving wafers from FOUPs (front opening unified pods) to process tool chambers. Kawasaki robots reduce error rates, boost quality and improve throughput.

With Kawasaki Robotics’ flexible automation solutions at their disposal, nimble semiconductor equipment manufacturers can expect to retain their competitive edge.