Metal Manufacturing Robotics

Growth-Oriented Robotics Solutions for Dynamic Manufacturers

The metal product manufacturing industry is a diverse space that already relies heavily on automation and robotics to control costs, boost productivity and insulate workers from undue risks. In today’s challenging world market for metal products and structural components, metal product manufacturers continue to look for new ways to streamline their operations and allocate their human workers effectively. Robotic automation solutions not only allow them to significantly increase production in less time and at less cost, but also to actually manufacture better quality products. Getting to market faster with better quality products gives metal product manufacturers the competitive advantage they need.

the metal manufacturing robotic industry

Increasing Efficiency, Reducing Time to Market

Kawasaki’s robust yet adaptive robots execute targeted welds – including arc, spot and friction spot joining – on multiple metal plates, sheets, and various metal pipes and tubes, helping operators exceed production and quality goals. Our metal manufacturing robots excel at bulk and heavy material handling of components for the assembly of agricultural machinery, earth moving and construction equipment, recreation vehicles, utility trucks, and rolling stock, to name a few. Meanwhile, precise, application-specific software makes an easy job of sensitive tasks like grinding, plasma cutting, laser cutting and laser cladding of die-cast fixtures, plates, sheets, pipes and other metal components. Kawasaki’s standard packaged solutions and custom turnkey systems deliver the flexibility and adaptability needed to fulfill your requirements now and as needs change.

Kawasaki Robotics offers automation solutions for every step of the metal manufacturing process. As demand grows, our adaptable robots stand ready to boost our customers’ productivity and take advantage of new manufacturing opportunities.