Machinery Manufacturing Robotics

Productivity Gains and Cost Control

From the large surface and underground mining equipment used in the extraction of base metals to the common lawn mower, machinery enables the way we live today. Machinery manufacturers produce a vast range of machines used in agriculture, mining, construction, and manufacturing, or specialize in making parts for larger manufacturers. Manufacturers in this industry, like all manufacturers, face significant competitive pressure to cut costs and boost operational efficiency. They turn to high-technology production techniques, including flexible robotic automation solutions, to bolster productivity and achieve marked gains in time-to-market and cost metrics.

Image of Kawasaki robots in the machinery industry

Enhanced Manufacturing and Production Flexibility

From the fabrication and pressing of parts to the painting of body components and theassembly and inspection of finished machinery, adaptable Kawasaki robots are equipped to streamline every step of the machinery production process. Kawasaki robots offer precision wire, plate and bar cutting capabilities as well as sturdy handling of bulky or irregularly shaped materials. With maneuverable, long reach arms, our flexible automation solutions serve primary assembly functions like welding machinery bodies, frames and components as well as precision hole drilling for bolts and fasteners. Our dexterous robots offer smooth and repeatable operation for quality painting of frames and body parts and sealing of engines and other machinery components.

Regardless of your operation's area of focus, Kawasaki Robotics equips you with the efficiency-enhancing, cost-reducing tools that you need to maintain your competitive advantage in an increasingly globalized machinery manufacturing industry.