Electronics Manufacturing Robotics

Driving Innovation and Creating Value in a Competitive Industry

Since the development of the first semiconductors, the electronics industry has benefited from one groundbreaking innovation after another. As the cost of raw materials for chips, fiber cables, circuits and other critical electronics components falls, manufacturers have turned to next-generation robotics solutions to enhance operational efficiency and reduce labor costs without harming the quality and precision of finished equipment. Kawasaki Robotics has leveraged advancements in miniaturization and production speed to develop flexible, precise automation solutions for a variety of electronics applications.

the electronics manufacturing robot industry

Efficient Production, Consistent Results

Kawasaki Robotics' multi-position robots leverage human-quality dexterity to stamp, etch, press and handle small, lightweight semiconductor electronic components. Since they can be moved to multiple positions along the production line, they can easily execute component and final assembly tasks for consumer electronics like microwave ovens, desktop and laptop computers, mobile devices and location-finding systems with precision that far exceeds the capabilities of human workers. Meanwhile, their next-generation machine vision and sensing capabilities make Kawasaki robots ideal for inspection and quality control processes. After assembly, our flexible robots expertly palletize and pack sensitive equipment for delivery while disposing of leftover materials. Kawasaki's solutions augment every facet of the electronic assembly process.

The pace of electronics innovation continues to accelerate. As new opportunities emerge for manufacturers of RFID, handheld communication devices, broadband connectors, system-on-chip applications and other promising technologies, Kawasaki Robotics promises to develop flexible, precise automation solutions for an interconnected future.