With our 50 years in the robotics industry,
Kawasaki Robotics can provide industrial robots for a wide range of industries.

  • Aerospace

    Aerospace RoboticsAerospace
    Increase Productivity and Boost Your Operation's Efficiency
  • Life Sciences

    Life Sciences RoboticsLife Sciences
    Efficient Automation Solutions for a More Caring Future
  • Automotive

    Automotive RoboticsAutomotive
    Automation Innovation that Pays for Itself
  • Machinery

    Machinery Manufacturing RoboticsMachinery
    Productivity Gains and Cost Control
  • Electronics

    Electronics RoboticsElectronics
    Driving Innovation and Creating Value in a Competitive Industry
  • Metal

    Metal Manufacturing RoboticsMetal Manufacturing
    Growth-Oriented Robotics Solutions for Dynamic Manufacturers
  • Food & Beverage

    Food & Beverage RoboticsFood & Beverage
    Reducing Costs, Improving Safety
  • Plastics & Rubber

    Plastics & Rubber Robotics
    Flexible Automation Solutions for a Competitive, Global Industry
  • Foundry

    Foundry RoboticsFoundry
    Heavy Duty Robotics Solutions for Hostile Environments
  • Semiconductor

    Semiconductor RoboticsSemiconductor
    Precise, Scalable Robotics for a Rapidly Changing Industry