Robotic Material Handling


Material handling (MH) makes use of the robot's simple capability to transport objects. By fitting the robot with an appropriate end of arm tool (e.g. gripper), the robot can efficiently and accurately move product from one location to another. Kawasaki offers both products and services to solve a wide variety of material handling challenges.

Kawasaki's material handling robots can eliminate the requirement of hazardous, tedious, or fatiguing labor in an industrial environment. The list of Kawasaki MH robots include 52 models ranging from 2 to 1500 kg payload capacity. The Kawasaki robot controllers offer many options to aid in MH applications, including conveyor tracking, collision detection, and servo controlled end of arm tooling. These MH robots can interface with other equipment such as containers, conveyors, guided vehicles, automated storage/retrieval systems, and carousels.

Kawasaki offers an extensive line of robot models and software to fulfill your automated material handling needs.

Kawasaki Material Handling Robot Applications


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