With our 50 years of experience in robotics, Kawasaki has accumulated a wide range of application technologies in every field and industry. We support customers‘ needs to automate their production lines and improve productivity. The application examples here only provide a brief look at our vast experience.
  • Arc Welding

    Arc WeldingArc Welding
    Increase Production Volume & Quality
  • Assembly

    Automate Challenging Assembly Processes With The Latest Technology
  • Cleanroom

    Rent rumRent rum
    Achieve Greater Throughput With High Speed
  • Friction Spot Joining

    Energy Savings For Lightweight Alloy Joining
  • Machine Tending

    Reduce Machine Overhead Time
  • Material Handling

    Materiel håndteringMateriel håndtering
    Reduce Labor Costs With Automation
  • Material Removal

    Fjernelse af materialeFjernelse af materiale
    Increase Product Quality With Automated Material Removal
  • Painting

    Achieve The Process Control And Paint Quality Your Customers Expect
  • Palletizing

    Product Flexibility Reduces Process Change Costs
  • Sealing / Dispensing

    Forsegling / udleveringForsegling / udlevering
    Get Accurate And Consistent Application Of Material
  • Spot Welding

    Punkt svejsningPunkt svejsning
    Reduce Cycle Time By 20% With Greater Spot Control


With our 50 years of experience in robotics field around the world, we provide robotic solutions - we are committed to being the best. Here are some videos of applications instances using many types of our robots. We wish those videos may provide you inspiration coming up with adaptable ideas for your company.

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